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Strut Channel hot dip galvanized manufacturer

Apr. 27, 2023

Strut channel is a type of steel channel used primarily in the construction industry to support electrical conduits, piping, and other mechanical equipment. 

Strut Channel hot dip galvanized manufacturer

Hot dip galvanization is a process in which the strut channel is dipped in molten zinc to create a protective coating that prevents corrosion and rust. 

The hot dip galvanization process involves several steps, including cleaning the metal, dipping it in a bath of molten zinc, and then cooling it to solidify the zinc coating. 

The resulting product is a durable and long-lasting strut channel that is resistant to weathering and other environmental factors. 

Hot dip galvanized strut channel is commonly used in outdoor applications where exposure to moisture and corrosive elements is a concern.

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Strut Channel hot dip galvanized manufacturer

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