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SSHN Company Culture

SSHN Industry Group believes that superior people deliver superior results. SSHN employees are elites person in their positions.
SSHN Company Culture
Company Mission

Company Mission

Start up the new models of international trade; increase the customer profits.

Company Vision

To be an influential brand in the industry of the world constructional materials

Company Vision
Company Valuses

Company Valuses

Customer satisfaction
Embrace variation
Passion for international trade
Strong work ethic

Four Believes

1, Believe that all efforts will gain payments; the splendid performance is usually based on the strong process; pay attention to each detail to lead a perfect end.

2, We believe that there is no perfect person, but there is a perfect team. No matter how elite a person is, he is always tiny comparing with a team. we should respect every membership, improve ourselves and be inclusive;

3, We believe that the person who has dreams has indeed happiness; Happiness is a process instead of a result; To enjoy the process is more important than to own the result;

4, We believe that having capability is the passport of acquiring allowance and acceptance; Trying to learn knowledge and hoisting one’s capacity are our life long exercise.

Four Believes

Nine Faithes

Success is because of attitude;
I am whom I am wanting to be;
I am the origin of everything;
Impossible is nothing, I need to try in a new way;
If mountain stands in front of us, we cross over the mountain;
To make a bit progress every day;
Decision determines success;
God help those who help themselves;
Great! This case happens to me, I’d like to take it as another opportunity to reach a success;
The development of everything has its rules from roots to consequence, in which I can take the advantages.

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