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How to Attach slotted channel to a Beam?

Sep. 11, 2023

There are an assortment of beam clamps and other attachment fittings, sometimes used in conjunction with threaded rod, which allow for a grid work of slotted channel to be attached to your structural ceiling components - in this case steel beam or bar joists. When installed correctly, each approach creates a very strong and safe connection point for a variety of items that need to be securely supported. There are three main appraoches on how to hang slotted from joist, or attach to structural beams.

1, Beam Clamps / slotted Hanging Bracket Technique

One way to attach slotted channel grid to joist steel is through the use of slotted joist clamps, you might also see them referred to as slotted mounting brackets, slotted hanging brackets, or even window clamps. These clamps are manufactured with different u-bolt lengths to acommodate various channel heights and are always used in pairs. When attaching beam clamps to joist, the clamps are attached to the bottom chord of the bar joist. Channel can be attached either above or below the chord.

2, Hanging Threaded Rod slotted channel Technique

In this approach, slotted channel is attached to the bottom chord of the bar joist - either above or below the chord. The channel and channel nut rests on one side of the chord, while on the other are a flat plate fitting and mounting hardware. The chord is sandwiched between the assembly components and a length of threaded rod runs through everything.

3, Joist Wrap Technique

In situations where the bottom chord cannot be attached to, or where the engineer has specified the top chord as the load bearing chord, the joist wrap method is the preferred way to safely and effectively transfer the load that would normally be born by the bottom chord to the top chord, surrounding the joist in a load bearing slotted channel assembly.

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How to Attach slotted channel to a Beam?

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