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Slotted Channel HDG 41 x 21, 2.5mm

Apr. 19, 2023

41 x 21, 2.5mm HDG Slotted Channel with a length of 6 metres with a hot dip galvanized finish.

Slotted Channel HDG 41 x 21, 2.5mm

41mm x 21mm, 2.5mm Slotted Heavy Gauge Channel Sections, Available in 3m and 6m Lengths of hot dip galvanized Steel Channel.

These heavy gauge channel sections have been designed to provide a versatile and economical solution to industrial framing and support problems.

The system comprises 2.5mm rolled HDG steel channel sections that can be easily assembled, reconfigured & modified using brackets, spring nuts and bolts.

Slotted Channel HDG 41 x 21, 2.5mm Sections have holes provided to facilitate interconnection or fastening to underlying building structures.

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Slotted Channel HDG 41 x 21, 2.5mm

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