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What is a steel stainless steel strut channel?

Jun. 15, 2023

What is a steel stainless steel strut channel?

stainless steel strut channel is a very versatile component of a support system designed for application in construction, electrical and HVAC industries. stainless steel strut channel is frequently used to support, suspend and mount metal structures, it's a crucial part of metal framing system that doesn't need welding, drilling or specialised tools. The support channel system consists of mounting rails (also known as stainless steel strut channels, slotted steel channels), a full set of channel bracketry, i.e. flat brackets, angle brackets, window brackets, beam clamps, plastic end caps allow preparing duct fixtures tailored to each individual interior.

What is stainless steel strut channel used for?

Easy, quick and precise installation even in hard to reach places is the main advantage of the stainless steel strut channel support system. Channel systems are used for light and medium-duty application, generally for support of pipework, ventilation systems, air-condition systems, wiring, plumbing, electrical conduits, cable trays, rooftop installations, etc.

Types of stainless steel strut channel?

The basic component of the support strut system is stainless steel strut channel, which is a slotted steel mounting rail used for making steel frames and fixtures. In our offer, it's available in electro-galvanized coating - LDBST or hot-dip galvanized coating - LDBSO, as well as a back-to-back (double) channel - LDBDT.

stainless steel strut channels are the basic component of the ss strut channel support system to be utilized not only in ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems but also for other components that are to be suspended. The serrated inturned edges for better hold between a channel and a nut, these serrated "teeth" are compatible to sliding nuts' grooves: SNP, SNL and SNKL - which together with fasteners, beam clamps and channel brackets form the complete support system for the installation of air conditioning and ventilation system. 

All components are made of electro-galvanized steel as a standard, for outdoor applications, e.g. roof installations we recommend using hot-dipped galvanized stainless steel strut channel (code. LDBSO), a hot-dipped galvanized coating provides long-term resistance to outdoor weathering. 

How to order stainless steel strut channel?

First things first, when selecting channel manufactures or distributor You need to make sure that the chosen product meets national requirements and technical standards, as well as specific project technical requirements. Our stainless steel strut channel system was tested and received a positive assessment of performance in the form of National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2019/0940 - more information. 

What is a steel stainless steel strut channel?

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