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Solid Strut Channel

Dec. 20, 2023

The Solid Strut Channel is a versatile and durable solution for various applications, ranging from solar photovoltaic stents to light seismic bracing and structural support. It is designed to provide exceptional strength and stability in demanding environments.

Material Options:

  • Pre-Galvanized (GI): This option offers excellent corrosion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

  • Hot-Dip Galvanized (HG): The hot-dip galvanization process provides enhanced protection against corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance in harsh conditions.

  • Plain (PL): The plain finish is ideal for indoor applications where corrosion resistance is not a major concern.

  • Stainless Steel (SS): Stainless steel construction offers superior corrosion resistance and is perfect for applications in highly corrosive environments.

  • Aluminum (EA): The aluminum option provides a lightweight and corrosion-resistant solution, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.


1. Solar Photovoltaic Stents: The Solid Strut Channel is widely used in the construction of solar photovoltaic stents, providing a secure and stable framework for solar panels.

2. Light Seismic Bracing: This product is an excellent choice for light seismic bracing, ensuring structural stability during seismic events.

3. Structural Support: The Solid Strut Channel is commonly used for providing structural support in various industries, including construction and manufacturing.

4. Seismic Bracing: It is designed to withstand seismic forces and can be used for bracing applications in earthquake-prone areas.

5. Ceiling Grids: The Solid Strut Channel can be utilized in the installation of ceiling grids, providing a sturdy framework for suspended ceilings.

6. Pipe Supports: This product is suitable for pipe support applications, offering reliable support and stability.


1. Solid Struts: These struts feature a solid design, providing maximum strength and stability.

2. Half Slot Struts: Half slot struts have a partially slotted design, allowing for easy installation and adjustment.

3. Slotted Struts: Slotted struts offer flexibility in terms of positioning and adjustment, making them ideal for various applications.

4. Back to Back: Back to back struts are designed to be used together, providing additional strength and support.


- 1-5/8'' x 1-5/8'': This size offers a standard dimension for most applications, providing ample strength and stability.

- 1-5/8'' x 13/16'': This size is ideal for applications where a smaller profile is required.


The weight of the Solid Strut Channel ranges from 1.47 KG to 16.01 KG, depending on the size and material chosen.


The Solid Strut Channel is available in lengths ranging from 10Ft to 20Ft, providing flexibility in installation and customization.

In summary, the Solid Strut Channel is a reliable and versatile solution for various applications. With different material options, types, dimensions, and lengths available, it can be tailored to meet specific project requirements while ensuring durability, strength, and stability.

Solid Strut Channel

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