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procured spring nut for strut channel

Apr. 25, 2023

strut channel Nut with Spring to Fit Channel 304 SIZE NUT THREAD

procured spring nut for strut channel

1、 Hex-head bolt threads easily into a spring nut, connecting fitting to channel in one quick one-hand operation.

2、 Chamfer in the spring nut eases starting of the bolt. spring Nut teeth create a strong, vise-like grip when tightened against the inturned channel edges.

3、strut channel edges and the spring nut’s tapered grooves act as guides to provide fool-proof alignment of connection.

4、spring Nut teeth create a vise-like grip, tying sides together in a strong “box” configuration, when the nut is tightened against the in-turned edges.

5、Spring Nut allows precision placement anywhere along channel length, then holds the nut in position while connection is completed.

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procured spring nut for strut channel

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