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Back-to-Back Strut Channels: for Solar Photovoltaic Stents

Dec. 28, 2023

Back-to-back strut channels are essential components in construction and industrial applications, providing robust support and versatile solutions for a range of projects. These channels come in various materials, each tailored to specific needs, and find applications in diverse fields.


1. Pre-Galvanized (GI):

   - Ideal for cost-effective solutions with corrosion resistance, making it suitable for general applications.

2. Hot-Dip Galvanized (HG):

   - Offers enhanced corrosion protection, making it a reliable choice for projects exposed to harsh environments or outdoor conditions.

3. Plain (PL):

   - A straightforward and economical option, suitable for indoor applications with lower corrosion risk.

4. Stainless Steel (SS):

   - Provides excellent corrosion resistance, making it perfect for environments where rust is a concern, such as chemical plants or coastal structures.

5. Aluminum (EA):

   - Combines lightweight properties with corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications where weight is a crucial factor.


Back-to-back strut channels find utility across various applications, showcasing their adaptability in different projects.

1. Solar Photovoltaic Stents:

   - Back-to-back strut channels offer robust structural support for solar panels, ensuring stability and durability in solar energy installations.

2. Light Seismic Bracing:

   - The channels are designed to provide reliable support in areas prone to light seismic activity, contributing to the structural integrity of buildings.

3. Structural Support:

   - Widely used for general structural support in construction projects, back-to-back strut channels offer a versatile solution for maintaining the integrity of frameworks.

4. Seismic Bracing:

   - In regions with higher seismic risks, these channels serve a crucial role in bracing structures, mitigating the impact of seismic forces.

5. Ceiling Grids:

   - Back-to-back strut channels are employed in the installation of ceiling grids, ensuring a secure and stable framework for suspended ceilings.

6. Pipe Supports:

   - These channels are utilized for supporting pipes in various configurations, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of piping systems.


1. Slotted Struts:

   - Designed with slots for easy adjustment and flexibility in installations.

2. Punched Holes Struts:

   - Featuring punched holes for versatile attachment points, accommodating a range of fastening options.

3. Solid Walls Struts:

   - Providing solid support with no perforations, suitable for applications requiring additional strength.

4. Perforated-Slot Strut Channel:

   - Combining perforations and slots for a versatile and adaptable solution.

5. Slotted Back-to-Back Struts:

   - Designed for back-to-back installations, offering increased strength and stability.

6. Side to Side Struts:

   - Facilitating side-to-side connections, allowing for customized configurations.

7. Half Slot Struts:

   - Featuring half slots for reduced weight while maintaining flexibility in mounting.

8. Back to Back Struts:

   - Offering a robust back-to-back configuration for increased load-bearing capacity.

In conclusion, back-to-back strut channels are indispensable components in construction and industrial settings, offering a diverse range of materials, applications, and types to suit the specific needs of various projects. Whether providing structural support, seismic bracing, or serving in solar installations, these channels stand as versatile solutions in the realm of construction and engineering.

Back-to-Back Strut Channels: for Solar Photovoltaic Stents

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